As a professional training center for students, entrepreneurs and companies alike, we invest in tomorrow's leaders to support the growth of today's companies. Our LEARNING + DOING approach focuses on the fact that individuals learn more by actively participating rather than sitting back and listening. This focus makes us different, and is what produces lasting results. Whether in-person or online, we specialize in coaching and motivating emerging professionals by using sales to grow themselves, their company and their results. 

the academy

The Selling Factory Academy ( is a 4-Module online course to support any individual, no matter the major or experience, in honing their sales craft. Using sales techniques to better self-sell, The Selling Factory Academy’s coursework will ensure that you:

  • Develop an impressive personal pitch

  • Discover your professional value proposition

  • Maximize opportunities through effective networking

  • Receive live coaching and feedback

The Selling Factory Academy is self-paced and offers information in micro-bits to fit each participant’s learning style and maximize individual growth.


The Selling Blitz is a 4-Hour, high-energy selling event, where participants expand their prospecting pipeline, increase their sales production, and push to reach their growth goals. During The Selling Blitz, expect to:

  • Collaborate with experienced sales professionals

  • Improve communication through active calling

  • Increase motivation through prized selling games

  • Stay focused during uninterrupted call blocks

  • Benefit from live one-on-one coaching

Each event concludes with a 30 minute “Download Session” discussing the successes and learning opportunities gained from this event. Are you interested in joining a Selling Blitz or creating one for your sales team?


The Selling Factory's leadership team has decades of experience in the field of sales coaching and leadership. We consult with individuals and companies seeking to sell themselves and their services regardless of industry type. We have helped entry-level sales professionals, C-Suite level executive sales leadership, company founders working to be better presenters and company advocates, and entire teams looking to overcome challenges and expand their sales. Our LEARNING + DOING philosophy coaches selling tactics, then engages participants in live selling environments to reinforce behavioral changes for success.


Contact Brad Gamble at for more information about our sales training and development services.