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Brad gamble

The Selling Factory was founded by Brad Gamble, a UF graduate (B.S.B.A 1999) and resident of Gainesville, FL since 1997.  For over 20 years Brad has dedicated himself to sales, sales management, branding, mentoring, coaching, and building companies.

Before Brad began his consulting career in 2014, Brad was the VP of Sales & Marketing for Infinite Energy, a Gainesville-based energy marketing firm grossing over $500 million in annual revenue.

Brad has spent the past 5 years immersed in the Gainesville startup community, and launched The Selling Factory as a selling-focused destination in the heart of Gainesville's thriving business and university district.  

The Selling Factory promotes a LEARNING + DOING sales environment, where students, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals learn the art-of-selling, while practicing and deepening their skill-set on the sales floor of The Selling Factory.

Brad is passionate about teaching the critical selling skills needed for tomorrow's leaders, and by doing that, helping companies achieve sales success and revenue growth.