Adam grossman

Following graduation from The Ohio State University in 1998, he went from a syndicated morning radio station’s “man-on-the-street” to a concert promoter, marketing agent in a media-buying firm, and bartender and surfer in Australia to eventually becoming a rabbi. Guided by the motto “to help an individual become self-sufficient,” Adam’s passion centers on supporting and empowering individuals to find greater meaning, purpose, and action in themselves, each other and our world.

As an ordained rabbi, who holds a M.Ed. from Xavier University, he has founded and built various ventures focused on workforce development, relationship building, and recruitment including the TI Fellowship, Career Up Now, and the online system, Convue, which sifted social media to significant and insignificant posts to help relationship based professionals to be more proactive.

Hired to save a failing non-profit, he spent the last 5 years reimagining its purpose. His yearly output saved $200k in efficiencies, increased revenue to $1.25m (56%), and grew engagement to 10,000 people (455%). recognized his ingenuity as one of North America’s most innovative Jewish non-profits.

Adam's ability to identify, cultivate, and on-board talent has been a critical component to the success of The Selling Factory. That combined with his ability to bring in new client-companies helps to fuel The Selling Factory's growth.